Aj Smit
Artist. Speaker. Joy Facilitator

Red Tent

Come join us in person, or online to grow intentionally with other women in sacred space

Creative Soul Conversations

One-on-One calls to help you process, and weave joy and creativity into your life.


Teaching in engaging ways through storytelling and interactive presentations.


Tank Tops, Red Tent Spots, and Creative Soul Conversation Booking is all here!

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Creative Soul Conversations

Feel a little burnt out? Not quite sure where creativity and joy is in your life? Life is too short to not live fully embodied into who you were created to be.

Book a call with me, and we will discover ways you can weave joy, creativity, and balance into your life.  Using my grab bag of tools from meditation, art, prayer, encouragement, and experience as a business owner, teacher, and joy facilitator I can hold space for you to process and grow in a relaxing atmosphere.

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Red Tent

A Red Tent is a sacred space for women to talk about what it means to be an embodied woman in this world. 

A theme each month involves lessons, questions, and activities to learn from one another how to better move through the world within our different phases of life. At Tent, there is no selling, drinking, children, or pressure to be anything other than who you are.
Due to COVID-19, we are having weekly online tents, join us once a month, or weekly for an evening to breathe and relax.

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